Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long has Rudolph Garage Storage Solutions been in business?

Since 2012

Are you insured?


Are your installers subcontracted or employees?

Our installers are employees. We don’t use subcontractors.

Do you charge for in-home estimates?

We do not charge for in home estimates.

Do you have a showroom?

We don’t have a showroom because we like to visit your home in order to look at your specific garage and storage needs. We do, however, bring samples with us.

Do you have a minimum dollar amount to come out and perform installation?

We have a $500 minimum dollar amount; Installations less than than $500 may incur a trip fee.

My garage is a mess. Do I have to move everything for your team to install?

For shelving and cabinet installations, we ask that you move your items about 5 feet away from the walls we will be working on. For ceiling rack installation, we need the area below to be clear where the rack is to be installed and open for ladder access. When installing a floor coating, the entire area needs to be cleared.

Can I purchase products from you and install on my own?

We only sell products that we install.

What are your garage cabinets made of?

Our garage cabinets are garage grade. They are made of very durable melamine with a heat fused factory installed laminate, not a glued-on laminate to partcile board.

Why are the garage cabinets mounted up off the floor?

We typically mount cabinets 4″-6″ off the floor to make cleaning under the cabinets easier. This also prevents water from coming in contact with and damaging the cabinets.

Do all of your garage cabinets have full backs?

Our Signature Series feature full backs. The Classic Series are backless where your garage wall becomes the cabinet back.

Do you recommend full backs on garage cabinets?

If your garage is finished it is up to you; if the studs are exposed then backs are recommended. The Signature Series with backs come in a wider variety of depths and widths and have a stronger box construction.

Do you provide custom sizes if needed on your garage cabinets?

Yes, on our Signature Series Garage Cabinets with the exception of the Powder Coated Finished.

Some competitors promote more hinges on their garage cabinets than you. Why?

Too many hinges limit shelf adjustment and make door adjustments harder and less uniform. We offer 6 way adjustable hinges on all our cabinets, and premimum soft-close hinges on the Signature Series.

What about plugs and light switches, do they get covered up by the garage cabinets?

Switches and outlets will be accessible.

Are your garage cabinets made in North America?

Our cabinets are made in the USA.

What is our warranty?

We offer a lifetime warranty on our Signature Series cabinets and a 7 year warranty on the Classic Series.

How soon can I get back into the garage once the garage floor coating is completed?

You can drive on the floor in 24-36 hours depending on tempature.

Does everything have to be out of the garage during the garage floor installation?

The floor needs to be completely cleared. If you have a few large items like a refrigerator, we can assist you the morning of the installation.

My home is new, do my floors still need to be prepped? I would like to save some money and not have flooring prepped.

We mechanically prep all floors, new and old. This creates a profile and opens the pores in the concrete allowing material to bond properly.

Do you cover the side walls with the garage floor coating?

We coat the side (stem) walls and any exposed concrete. We also use a special caulking on the expansion joint for a seamless floor.

What if I drop something and I damage the new garage floor coating?

The floor is very durable and will withstand a lot. In the event that the floor gets damaged, it can be repaired.

How do you recommend we clean our new floor?

You can clean your floor with a pressure washer or garden hose.

What is the warranty?

We offer a lifetime warranty against cracking and peeling.

What is better: wall mounted garage shelving or overhead ceiling racks?

It depends on what you want to accomplish and the space you have available. Our wall mounted shelves are the most versatile and are designed to hold heavier items on top and hang everyday items below. Our ceiling racks can be placed almost anywhere, but they are typically located over garage doors for long term storage items.

What is the weight capacity of your garage shelving?

Our wall mounted shelves will hold 1,000 lbs every four feet, and our 4’x8′ ceiling racks will hold between 750 lbs-1000 lbs.

Do you recommend wired grid shelving or solid surface garage shelving?

We use a solid surface on our wall mounted shelving. This allows you to store smaller items without tipping over larger, heavier items. We use a fiberglass grid on our ceiling racks to reduce weight.

Will wall shelving interfere with our vehicles?

The way the brackets are designed, they won’t interfere with your vehicles. When we meet with you, we plan where the shelving will be high enough to be out of the way, but low enough to be accessible.

What if I need more hooks to hang items from the Monkey Bar Storage System?

We have everything in stock so you can get more hooks and bars anytime.

What is the warranty?

We offer a lifetime warranty on the Monkey Bar Wall Mounted Shelves.

How are the overhead ceiling racks secured to the ceiling?

They are mounted to the center of the ceiling joists with 3″ lag bolts.

How many joists is the overhead ceiling rack mounted on?

Each leg is mounted to 2 seperate ceiling joists.

How low can the overhead ceiling racks come down from the ceiling?

They can hang as low as 44″

Do your overhead rack platforms have a safety lip?

There is a 2″ safety lip around the entire perimeter.

Can your overhead ceiling racks be mounted into walls?

The ceiling racks can be mounted to the ceiling and one or two walls, increasing the weight capacity.

If I want my overhead ceiling racks over my garage door, how much clearance do I need?

We need a minimum clearance of 25″

How large can you make a single overhead storage racks?

They come in 8′ lengths and are modular so they can be configured to fit your needs.

What if the ceiling joists are engineered joists?

If they are engineered joists, there is not sufficient material to secure the ceiling racks into the ceiling. We recommend Monkey Bars Wall Mounted inverted shelves as an alternative for storage over the garage door.

What is the warranty?

We offer a lifetime warranty on our ceiling racks.

Is your slat wall similar to what retail stores use for displays?

The concept is the same, but we use a heavy duty extruded PVC plastic. Water won’t damage it like MDF slat wall and it has a much higher weight capacity.

Is the finish on the slat wall painted on?

Our slat wall is extruded as a solid color so the finished color will not fade or scratch off.

What do you do about the seams and cut edges on the slat wall?

We use molding to cover the edges and seams.

Does the slat wall cover plugs, switches, electical panels, etc.?

We cut an opening so plugs and switches can be mounted flush to the slat wall.

What accessories fit your wall?

Most accessories found locally will work with our slat wall.

Do you stock all slat wall colors?

We stock many colors and can order custom colors as well.

How is the slat wall mounted to the wall?

We use color matched screws mounted directly into the studs.