Preparing Your Garage for Winter

There have been a few cold days here and there, indicating that the winter season is fast approaching. In fact, winter officially starts on December 21st. This being said, you’ve probably already prepared your home by turning off the sprinklers and testing the furnace. But, what about your garage?


Most people might feel that they don’t need to do anything differently for their garage when seasons change. However, think about all the valuable items you leave in there such as the car, tools, sporting equipment, and other keepsakes. The garage can’t fully protect all of these items through the harsh cold and wet conditions unless you implement these few simple precautions ahead of time. Putting in a little extra time and effort to winterize your garage now will help preserve your belongings and make life a lot easier once spring rolls around again.


Check up on Tools and Other Gear


Any tools that are powered by gasoline such as your lawn mower should be drained. You probably won’t be using these tools again anytime soon. Gas degrades over time and the colder weather is likely to create condensation inside the gas tank. Draining the tank will help preserve the tools’ lifetime and make sure it starts up again next spring. While you are at it, make sure to drain the oil and change any filters.


You may also want to consider protecting your outside furniture by storing it inside the garage. There’s nothing worse than using your patio again and seeing the cushions covered in mildew and the metal covered in rust. If you are short on garage space and need to leave the furniture outside, investing in a weather resistant cover will make a huge difference.


Rotate Seasonal Storage


Just like swapping out clothes in your closet wardrobe when the seasons change, your garage needs to be reorganized as well. There are certain items that you use during the winter more often than you use during the summer. Making these items more easily accessible will not only save time but will keep your garage clean and organized.


For example, you may want to start storing sleds, skis, shovels, snow blowers, and ice melt closer to your garage door for easy access. Other items like camping gear, soccer balls, and water gear can be put away on overhead racks. This helps get items that you won’t be using regularly up and out of the way.


Install Insulation


In cold areas like Colorado Springs, you want to be extra cautious of the temperature inside your garage. The cold makes certain materials brittle and prone to breaking. In addition, any technology that you store in the garage is more likely to malfunction when exposed to extreme temperatures.


While heating your garage to the same temperature of your home is expensive and unrealistic for most people, there are other options to make sure your garage stays at reasonable temperatures. A quick trip to your local home improvement store for weather-stripping kits and sealants will help ensure no air is entering or escaping through the doors or windows. Check out this blog if you want to know more about what you need to insulate the garage door and exactly how to do it.


Protect Your Concrete & Get Items up off the Floor


Beautiful white winters also come with a lot of rain and snow. Tracking mud through the garage with your car tires is inevitable. Unfortunately, we can’t stop the snow and mud from coming, but we can prepare to protect the concrete during these circumstances. Our epoxy coatings and floor tiles are strong, durable, and waterproof. They resist against salt stains and make cleaning up the dirt quick and easy. Make sure to leave a mat by the garage door to avoid dirty shoes tracking mud throughout the house as well.


Additionally, you’ll want to confirm that your individually stored items are safe from the moisture. Anything that is left on the floor has the potential to get damaged. A good way to resolve this is by utilizing unused wall and ceiling space. A few shelves and hooks can go a long way when trying to create more space in your garage.


It’s not too early to start winterizing your garage now. You don’t want to be caught sorting out some of these things in the middle of winter. Spending a few hours during these next few weekends will help get your garage prepared before it is too late.